PIT – how to submit a tax declaration?

Every taxpayer is obliged to fill out a tax return form annually. If you live and pay your taxes in Poland, you must submit a PIT (Personal Income Tax) tax declaration. It may seem complex, but fortunately, it’s not! The Internet has made it possible to simplify the process, so now you can do it yourself! Here is a quick summary of the most important information about PIT you need to have.

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PIT 2023 – when do you need to submit the declaration?

The taxpayers are obliged to timely perform the activities, that are imposed on them by the tax law. Submitting your declaration in a prompt manner allows you to avoid the interests you need to pay for the delay. It is necessary to know all the deadlines in order to perform your fiscal duties on time. What are the due dates for sending the PIT 2022 declaration?

Only by the end of 2022, you could viably impact the tax you pay. The changes recently made in the tax law have allowed some taxpayers to lower the tax and get a tax refund.

Every year, the Ministry of Finance prepares pre-filled tax declarations for all taxpayers who don’t have any revenues from economic activity and agricultural production. Your E PIT will be ready and available for inspection from the 15. February. You will be able to check your personal data, earnings, and mark all the tax relieves you have used in the previous tax year. You will be able to add the missing information and what’s important – decide if and where you want to allocate your 1% of tax. You can choose one of the non-profit organizations. What you will not be able to do is influence the amount of the tax refund money. E-PIT 2022 will be available for a taxpayer in e-Tax Office.

If you do the accounts traditionally, you need to be given by your employer a PIT 11 form. This form should be handed to you by the end of February. You need to submit your PIT form by the 2. May.

What forms are available to use?

There is more than one form of PIT available. The form is linked with the type of employment.

PIT 37

This is the most popular type of declaration. It is submitted when an employee, contractor, or pensioner settles his or her only sources of annual income. This type of declaration only applies to the income which has been taxed according to the tax scale (12% and 32%). You are allowed to settle the tax together with your spouse if the other person also submits PIT-37.

PIT 38

PIT 38 is typically used for showing income from the stock exchange or cash capital. This type of form should then be filled in by stockbrokers, on the basis of the maintained investment account. Similarly to PIT-11 taxpayers, the brokerage houses where the taxpayer has an account should provide the PIT-8C information by the end of February 2022. On this basis, PIT 38 can be completed.

PIT 39

PIT-39 is a tax return form that is intended for those taxpayers who in a given tax year have obtained income from the sale of real estate or parts of the real estate, as well as shares in real estate. It is also used when the taxpayer has sold the co-operative right of ownership to a residential premises or business establishment and the right to a single-family house in a housing cooperative, and the perpetual usufruct of land. It’s important to know, that the PIT-39 form needs to be submitted only if 5 years have not passed since the end of the calendar year in which the land or building was bought or built.

 PIT 28

PIT-28 is a declaration for those people who are settling on the basis of a lump sum on registered income. Persons who are entitled to settle tax on the PIT-28 basis are, in particular, those taxpayers who run a business independently, in the form of a civil law partnership, or as part of a general partnership. PIT 28 is a form to be filled out by those taxpayers who are earning their income from non-agricultural economic activity conducted individually, non-agricultural economic activity in the form of a company, tenancy, lease, sublease, and other similar agreements which are not related to any business activity, persons settling the sale of processed agricultural products from their own crops and farms.

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Where you can settle the PIT 2022 declaration?

Not so long ago, the only way to settle PIT was to go to the tax office in person. Fortunately, it has changed and now you don’t have to stand in long queues. You can send your PIT online. One of the easiest and quickest ways is to use E PIT. But if you want to have the opportunity to manually fill out all the required forms and take advantage of all the available tax deductions reliefs, you can use the ePIT platform. One of them is PITax.pl. It is a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform that is continually updated to reflect all the tax law changes. That is why, you can be sure, that your PIT 2022 declaration will be correct. This program has been secured with the highest level of security certification and meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Finance. Using PITax, you can be sure, that your data is safe.