The best iOS apps: October review

Are you looking for the newest apps released for iOS devices this October? This review will provide you with the list of the best options which are worth your attention!


These new iOS tools are meant to increase your productivity and deal with daily tasks in an easy way!

Structured by Leonard Mehlig

Are you still looking for a perfect app designed for planning tasks? October have a couple of new options to the users of iOS devices, but it looks like Structured by Leonard Mehlig is the best one.

Structured was created with a view to providing its users with a simple and friendly way of sorting and organising tasks with the synchronisation of a calendar. Moreover, the app has a function for dividing larger tasks into smaller one as well as representation of all of the tasks and projects in the form of a schedule which is very helpful for planning your time. This app is offered to the users of iOS devices for free.

No matter whether you just sometimes get concerned about all of the crucial things which have to be done before living home such as turning off an iron or gas or your concerns are actually a part of real OCD behaviour, you might find extremely helpful for dealing with them. has a set of tumblers for all of such small things which have to be checked before going out for the sake of safety of your house or safety of your budget. In addition to it, the app will remind you of checking everything properly before going out. created by Igor Alieksandrov is a free app.

Bon Journal

Are you looking for a convenient tool for creating your diary on a digital device? One of the best tools of this kind available to the users of the iOS devices was released in October by Vladislav Kovalyov. Bon Journal is certainly a very convenient way for keeping the most pleasant memories of every day passed by. With the help of this app, you will be able to save information about a day and include a photo. It is also possible to tag the event on the map. The app can also be used as a journal of mood.

It is possible to have several diaries within one device. The app will give you an opportunity to add a pin-code for each of your journals.

Next: Planner & Pomodoro Timer by Tomasz Kurylik

Next: Planner & Pomodoro Timer is one of the newest tools for productivity available to the users of the iOS system. The app is a minimalistic mixture of a task manager and a variety of useful tools such as the Pomodoro timer and personal productivity statistics. In addition to it, the programme will allow you to used the function of repetitive events and use the tasks noted in your calendar.

Customising a device

October added more options for customising your iOS device which you might like.

Splashy by Firefly Studio d.o.o.

If you are one of the people who are crazy about changing wallpapers on their devices, you should certainly pay attention to Splashy. This is a free app designed for the iOS devices which will provide you with a huge collection of beautiful wallpapers. In addition to it, you will be able to set changing of the wallpapers automatically choosing a particular period of time for switching them. Ina addition to it, the app is equipped into special effects which will let you create your own unique wallpapers based on already existing ones. For example, you can use the blur effect for designing absolutely unique wallpapers.

So far, the app has a couple of collections dedicated to a particular theme. Note that these collections get new wallpapers on a regular basis.

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