Top Card Game Apps You Can Play on Mobile

In our post ‘The Best Apps and Games for iOS – September review’, we previously reviewed exciting titles such as Pokémon UNITE and Actraiser Renaissance. Both games have been designed for mobile so players can create war strategies and experience thrilling battles in the palm of their hands.

Action-adventure games aren’t the only available entertainment users can play on their phones. Nowadays, card games have virtual platforms where individuals can both achieve various goals and sharpen their mental skills. A study published on IJERE illustrated that because card games have a set of objectives and a high level of playability, they can spark a great sense of enjoyment in players.

That being said, we’ve rounded up four top card games you can play on mobile.

1. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Gwent was originally a minigame in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but is now available on mobile devices. Gwent is quite similar to poker in that players take turns playing a single card seeking an advantage in a specific round. Each round depicts a battle set in the Witcher world, featuring characters from the gameplay on the cards. There aren’t many distinctions from the PC version; your aim is still to win two out of three rounds by having the highest total card strength. However, there is more variety in both decks and playstyles, seen in the likes of a monster-themed deck. The app also introduces a system wherein matches and achievements can give you progress points. These points can unlock different currencies needed to attain premium cards. All in all, the mobile version of Gwent has been enhanced and expanded from the original The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

2. Zynga Poker

Zynga is listed as one of the best poker apps on, and because of its deal with Facebook, the poker simulation app also allows you to play with friends and share the experience. Regarding how matches are played, the app doesn’t veer far from the general rules of live poker. Zynga’s classic Texas hold’em offering, for instance, still requires you to create the best five-card hand to win. But more than that, the app fosters faster tournaments and allows you to compete in the new five-person table game. There’s also a running deal where new players can receive a welcome bonus of two million. Ultimately, the app can surely provide various opportunities if you want to enhance your poker skills.

3. Blackjack 21

Blackjack 21 can transport you in the middle of a Las Vegas casino, all from the comfort of your screen. The rules of the app version follow that of real life. You’ll be prompted to place an amount and, afterwards, be given two cards. Picture cards here are worth ten points, whereas Aces can give either one or ten points. There’s also a “Hit” button if you want to receive another card. The game’s objective is simple; as much as possible, your score should get as close to 21 without losing all your money. While this app doesn’t offer any real opportunities to make cash, users can definitely still have a fun time going through match after match.

4. Exploding Kittens

If you’re a huge fan of party games, you might be familiar with Exploding Kittens. Recently, showed that due to its popularity, Netflix has rolled out their own take on the game. However, there’s much to love about the Exploding Kittens’ mobile counterpart, which features the same nitroglycerine-infused feline from the traditional card deck. The parameters of the game are more or less the same. Each player is given one life and one defuse card to prevent a fiery cat death. On your turn, you can either play a card from your hand or draw one from the deck. In the app, the core deck has additional cards (and an expansion pack) that can improve play. You can also create an in-game avatar so random opponents can identify who they’re playing against. Exploding Kittens is simple and straightforward, but one thing you can look forward to in the app version is the vibrant, cartoonish animations.