The best apps and games for iOS – September review

Are you a user of any device working on iOS? Then, you should check this fresh collection of the top apps and games designed for this operational system!

The best apps for iOS

Here you will find useful tools and other apps for iOS.


If you are looking for a useful tool for workouts especially for running, you should point your attention to runableTraining which has a lot of useful options such as a view of weather forecast, the calculator of the rhythm of your workouts as well as detailed statistics.


If you are interested in increasing your productivity, in all likelihood, you have already used a popular Pomodoro technique. Then, you should know it is a way easier to use the technique when it I supported by an app with a timer.

There is a variety of programmes for portable devices of this kind, however, not all of them are equally good. This September, the best choice for the users of iOS will be Pomodory which is functional and minimalistic at the same time. One of the options offered by this app is a possibility of setting the length of your working sessions and keeping statistics.


Meddify is a tool designed for people who have to take several types of medicines a day and can easily become confused about that. The programme will notify a user of the time when a particular medicine should be taken as well as its dosage. For your convenience, the developers made it possible to note the information that the medicine has already been taken without opening the app itself.

Meddify can also be a source of knowledge on medical products and it can also be used as a shopping list for medicines.


Cibo is a simple and extremely useful app which will educate people about various foods. This is particularly handy when one is travelling abroad and is trying new cuisine.

Cibo will scan the menu and will give you images of the dish so that you will be able to visualise it better before ordering.

The top games for iOS in September

Are you looking for something new to play on your iOS device? Here are some of the greatest titles available for your smartphone or tablet computer.

Pokémon UNITE

The devotees of pokemons will be glad to play Pokémon UNITE which is a battle arena for pokemons trained by players . the game has been designed in the way to support the players using Nintendo Switch in the multiplayer mode.

Time’s Up in Tiny Town

Do you enjoy playing city-building simulators? One more is now available on your iOS device.

Check Time’s Up in Tiny Town which seems to be pretty simple, however, its aim is to maintain the balance which can be rather tricky. You will need to build homes for residents as well as the entire infrastructure and not cause any negative effects on the planet.

The Lord of the Rings: War

Even if you are not a fan of The Lord of the Rings: War books, you will like this game in case you enjoy playing war strategies. This game will offer you several war fractions which should be developed and prepared for your final battle.

Actraiser Renaissance

Another amazing strategy available to the users of the iOS devices is Actraiser Renaissance. This time, a player will become the god who first has to save the humanity from beasts and then help people to build and develop a civilisation.