Top new apps for Android in September

Are wondering what new apps released for Android in September are worth your attention? Check this review which will tell you more about the best new tools for increasing productivity, improving privacy and other tasks as well as new games for Android devices. is an interesting app for exchange of various goods. With its help, you can easily find an owner for something you have bought and figured out not to be useful. This app can be really exciting as you can make an offer of giving your item swopping it for something you need.

When you create your offer, you will see people nearby offering you options mentioned by you, so that you can choose the most attractive one. As you can imagine, you will not have to pay for swapping anything at all. In addition to it, the offers are displayed for a particular area, so actually all of the options available to you will be nearby.

Schedule Mate

There are many apps designed to help users to keep a track of the tasks they have to perform during the day, however, newer and newer ones are created in order to add more useful features to such programmes. Schedule Mate is one of them and you will certainly like it if you are looking for an app which will allow you to visualise your tasks in a better way so that you will see which of them have to be completed in the first place.

In this app, you can create several categories for example, Household Chores and Work and keep a track of the time spent on finishing it. In such a way, you will understand better how to plan your time.

All of the tasks will be displayed with the help of a colourful pie chart.


Of course, the pervious app seems to be attractive and useful, yet, some users might still prefer a regular task tracker based in the form of a list.

TallTaskk is a new one released in Google Play. This app is extremely simple. All you have to do is just to add a task on the list and set a deadline for it. The programme will sort your tasks automatically using the following categories: finished tasks, tasks with a deadline and tasks without a deadline.

The programme does not require registration.


Wit can be used as a timer with a possibility of customising its features in a quite advanced way. It was designed for active people who are creating their own sets of exercises for workouts and want to create a plan of different type of exercises followed by periods of inactivity.

An amazing feature of this programme is the possibility of connecting your exercise complexes with apps used for streaming music such as Audible, YouTube and Spotify. In addition to it, you will be able to share your sets of exercises with other people.

Even though Wit seems to be quite advanced, it is available for free and does not have any advertisements.

Privacy Dashboard

Privacy dashboard is an amazing feature of Android 12 which will show you in the simplest and most comprehensible way all of the apps connected to the geolocation of your device as well as its camera and microphone.

Unfortunately, the official feature is not available to the users of the previous versions of Android, however, there was developed a separate app as an alternative to the function. This app is extremely useful as you will immediately see an icon on the display anytime any app is connecting to the above-mentioned elements of your device. This will help you immediately block the permission to use these components by an app which is trying to collect your data.

Mr. Rumble

If you are looking for the best new games for Android, you can try Mr. Rumble which is an exciting and user-friendly game made in a cartoon style.

The main character of the game is a thief who is trying to steal diamonds stored in the rooms of a police station, so, as you can imagine, he has to omit the policemen as much as possible. For that purpose, Mr. Rumble is skilled to deceive them, distract them and even set traps for his pursuers.

A great feature of the game is that the majority of its events are happening randomly and cannot be predicted which makes the game even more thrilling.