XPeng’s flying car is announced

If you are wondering what is the further direction of the improvement of the technologies used in the automobile industry, you should know flying cars are one of the major focus right now. Actually, a couple of companies have already developed their own models of flying cars. In fact, flying cars are capable of both driving and flying.

XPeng Motors has also announced its first flying car HT Aero which will be available on the market in 2024.

The technology used in XPeng’s HT Aero for flying

Certainly, one of the most curious parts of any flying car is the technology used for making flying possible in the first place. When it comes to driving on the road, HT Aero has a regular steering wheel whereas for navigating the car in the air, its driver will use a special lever. Flying itself is possible due to two propellers which are equipped into rotor engines. The propellers can be collapsed when they are not needed.

The safety of HT Aero

Undeniably, one of the most important issues concerning a flying car is its safety. In order to make flying and lending as safe as possible, the company has included a special system for weather identification. In addition to it, the engineers of XPeng are planning to equip HT Aero in another crucial system which will capable of identifying objects on the way.

Even though there is a prototype of the car already available, the engineers of XPeng Motors might change it before the car gets to the market. It is possible that the final appearance of HT Aero will be somewhat simpler which is crucial for keeping its total price below 157 thousand dollar.

The maximum time of flying

In all likelihood, you are wondering for how long HT Aero will be able to fly. In fact, the first models of flying cars are not featured with a long time of a flight. When it comes to HT Aero, the maximum time this car will be able to stay in the air is 25 minutes. At the same time, the maximum speed this car will be able to reach is 130 km/h.

The usage of flying cars

Even though an idea of a flying car sounds futuristic and certainly very exciting, you might be wondering what the practical usage of such a vehicle can be especially taking into consideration the limited time the car can spend above the ground.

According to the designers of HT Aero this type of a car can be used for short flights around a city and especially for flights to airports.

XPeng Motors is planning to start mass production of their car in 2024.