The first driverless car by Apple – new details about the project

If you are interested in the tech news in general or you are just a fan of the Apple brand, you have certainly heard about the plan of this company to create its own driverless car. Actually, this is the dream of many innovative automotive brands today, however, as the practice shows, the realisation of such a project is not simple despite all of the money the companies are ready to spend on their new products.

When it comes to Apple, their driverless car was supposed to be released no sooner than in five years, and according to other estimations, even in seven years. Yet, according to the recent reports, the company has shortened this time to four years.

Will the first Apple car really be driverless?

One of the most crucial questions about the new projects of Apple certainly regards the driverless system of this car. As it has just been mentioned, there have already been several projects carried by the companies known for their cutting-edge technologies which, nevertheless, were not capable of creating such a product. For some companies a driverless car is still under the development, yet, it is becoming obvious that in all likelihood, there will be just a certain level of possibility of using a car without a driver. This means that none of these models is truly driverless.

The engineers of Apple were considering the possibility of creating a partially driverless car in the first place. Such types of vehicles still have a great potential in supporting people whose physical condition might make it challenging to drive a car without assistance. Yet, even though it would be more likely to develop such a car, the team of Apple eventually decided to work on the project for creation of a completely driverless model of a car. Many experts are sceptical about such a possibility, yet the company is still willing to proceed and their representatives are even reporting advancing with the driverless system which will be used in the car. According to them, the system is almost finished.

What else is known about the first driverless car designed by Apple?

The car Apple is working on will certainly be elegant and as beautiful as the rest of the products created by the brand. It is important to point out there is a plan to create an interior resembling the Canoo’s Lifestyle. It means it will look like a limousine with seats facing each other and spare space in the middle. The company is planning to set a touchpad in the centre through which the passengers of the car will be able to access all of services included into the information system of the vehicle. Certainly, the system will be compatible with the services offered by Apple right now.

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