Clothes free from chemicals for protection against mosquitoes was developed

Even if you are not living in one of the areas of our world which are overfilled with various serious infectious diseases spread by mosquitoes, you might still be willing to have a chance to purchase clothes which will save you from these annoying insects. It is especially true for children.

Why special clothes for protection against mosquitoes can be useful?

One of the most popular ways to protect oneself against mosquito bites is by using special lotions and creams with insect repellents. Such substances are quite effective, however, they are certainly not natural. Even if you are not one of the people who are into purchasing only natural cosmetics and other products, it might not be a great problem for you. Yet, if you have a small child, you should be aware of the possibility of the kid taking these substances into the mouth. It can be done absolutely unconsciously just by scratching the skin covered with the substance and then licking the fingers allowing the residuals of the chemicals to be swollen. Certainly, you do not want your child to take anything such.

In addition to it, insect repellents are not featured with a long activity and you will need to put them on again and again within a certain time.

There are also other options available which are not used directly on the skin. For instance various mosquito spirals or electronic devices which can be used inside. Unfortunately, a large issue related to these types of products is the fact you cannot use them in the presence of people. This makes such devices useless in some situations.

A solution to the problem proposed by American scientists is a brand-new type of bite-proof clothing which is absolutely free from insecticides.

How did the scientists managed to create bite-proof clothing?

In order to produce a special type of bite-proof clothing which will protect people against mosquitoes, the scientists first analysed the physical parameters of these annoying insects measuring their heads as well as its parts and analysed the exact biting mechanism mosquitoes are using.

Collected information allowed the scientists to check the parameters required for producing clothing which will not allow mosquitoes to get through the material and touch the skin.

As you can imagine, the experiments included choosing the optimal thickness of clothing. In order to do it, the scientists were checking sheets of plastic of different density and thickness. Such layers were covering a container with blood which was needed for attracting insects. After checking several options, the scientists were able to choose the best parameters. Based on this data, they created clothing which was then checked on volunteers.

How efficient are the clothes made of a new bite-proof material?

Fortunately, the material created by the scientists will help you to protect yourself from mosquitoes pretty effectively.

In order to check their final product, the scientists conducted an experiment in which volunteers were wearing clothes made of this bite-proof fabric while being in the room with 200 hungry mosquitoes. It turned out that none of the mosquitoes was able to bite the areas of the body covered with the bite-proof material, thus, it is really working.

In fact, there were two tests since the first one revealed that some parts of the body tend to stretch the material more decreasing its thickness and making it easier for mosquitoes to bite. The greatest stretching occurred in the area of the shoulders. Knowing this feature of the material, the scientists optimised the features of their material by increasing the density of the fabric in these areas.

Can you buy bite-proof clothes?

Unfortunately, right now, the insecticide-free bite-proof clothes is not available for purchasing yet. Still, Vector Textile, an American company has already got patents for this material. Needless to say, the plan of the company is producing different types of clothes which will be able to protect people from mosquitoes.

Thus, in all likelihood, soon you will be able to get your bite-proof set of clothes.