The latest report on climate change of the IPCC – crucial points

The IPCC is a special organisation consisting of the leading experts on climate as well as representatives of 195 countries. The organisation was created in 1988 and in 1990 it made its first report the aim of which was warning people about the drastic problems which can triggered by the increase of the emission of carbon dioxide.

Unfortunately, the issues which were highlighted in the report of 1990 are even more acute today requiring immediate actions. Here are some key points mentioned in the newest report of the organisation.

The raise in the temperature on the Earth is the responsibility of people

According to the report of the IPCC, the fault of people in the global warming process is obvious and there is no time for denying this fact and trying to prove it is not the case. The human activities are causing the increase in the temperature on our planet which is leading to various natural disasters which are becoming more an more frequent. Such catastrophes as droughts, floods, heatwaves and wildfires are caused by our lifestyle.

Since the end of the 19th century, the overall temperature on the Earth has risen by 1.1°C. Of course, the majority of people have no understanding of the significance of this shift, however, it is very large when it comes to the entire system of our planet.

Of course the process of warming is on and the temperature of our planet is rising. It is expected that the temperature can exceed the limit of 1.5°C within 20 years. This limit was set by Paris Agreement and it cause severe changes on our planet.

All of the regions of our planet are affected

Unfortunately, many people have a poor understanding of global warming believing all it is causing is some raise in the temperatures of the regions which used to be colder.

In fact, there are various processes which are happening on our planet because of the global warming. the distribution of the temperature changes is not equal around the Earth. For instance, the land has a higher temperature than the average temperature calculated for the entire planet.

One of the crucial issues connected to global warming is the fact once the temperature is rising because of the people’s activity, it will be rising automatically due to the changes on the planet which have already been caused by people’s activity. As you can see the process is rather complex.

What will happen when the temperature keeps on growing?

The threshold of 1.5°C is the increase of temperature which will still be characterised by frequent heatwaves, shortening of cold seasons and prolonging of summers. Of course, the entire process will be accompanied with the melting process of the ice layer of the Earth, increasing the level of the water, shifts in the heat distribution on the planet and great changes in the ecosystems. Actually, the extreme levels of the sea were typical for our planet once in a hundred of years and now such events are observed almost every year.

When the temperature reach the increase of 2°C this can become really dangerous for people. They can feel significant negative effects on their health. Needless to say, one of the spheres of our life which will be harmed by such drastic changes in the temperature is agriculture.

Global warming is not only about the rise in the temperature

As it has already been mentioned, global warming has different effects on our planet. albeit many people are aware only of the rise in the temperature.

This massive process is changing various systems of our planet and causes significant shifts in the patterns of snow, rain and wind as well. The water cycle of the Earth is changing severely while the temperature is rising. As a result, rainfalls and floods are becoming more and more frequent. Yet, it is important to point out that the regions located in high latitudes will become wetter while the regions of large areas located in subtropics will become rather prone to droughts.

In other words, the human’s activity is intensifying extreme climate in particular regions of the planet making the wetter parts even wetter and drying up already dry locations.

The measures taken now to protect our planet from global warming are not sufficient

Even though many people believe that the governments of many countries are doing their best to prevent global warming, it is not enough for improving the situation or at least, for stopping the rise of the temperature. The researchers are warning people once again that the issue of global warming is rather serious and it requires rapid actions. If they are not taken within the nearest future, it will not be possible to maintain the rise of the temperature even on the level of 2°C. As you now know, this threshold is already too much for both people and the planet, however, our lifestyle will make the temperature grow even more.