The N700S new Japan’s bullet train – a supreme model is here

The Japan’s technology for producing high-speed trains has been here since 1964 when the first line of state-of-the-art trains between Osaka and Tokyo was established. This same line is now occupied by a revolutionary high-speed model of N700S which has been designed not only with a view to providing even more comfort to passengers but to be the safest train.

One of the fastest passenger vehicles today

A high-speed train technology has already been known to people for several decades, however, N700S set a new record when it comes to the maximum speed which can be achieved by a high-speed train. In 20189, when the N700S train was undergoing tests, it was able to gain the speed of 360 kilometres per hour. The realisation of how fast people could travel on ground is utterly mind-blowing. The train will not be using its maximum speed for transportation though. In practice, people will be able to travel by N700S with the speed of 285 kilometres per hour.

The new model of the train differs a lot from the currently used N700 and N700A. By the way, the letter “S” in the name of the new train model stands for the word “supreme” which this vehicle is certainly is. The common element of the appearance of all of these models is certainly the golden logo.

The design of the appearance of N700S makes its nose look more angular. The sides of the front part of the train are also chubbier. The overall design of the headlights appears sleeker too.

Long-haul riders will enjoy the new model of a high-speed train for the deep recline of its seats as well as an individual power outlet for each of the seats. The designers created a quite relaxing atmosphere by making the lights softer. Furthermore, there is also a convenient feature of a special signalling light built into the overhead baggage compartment. At every stop, the lights will be turned on so that the passengers will be reminded of taking their luggage before going out.

On top- of that, the designers have also included more extra space for additional baggage which can be used after making a reservation.

The suspension system of the train has also be improved allowing the train to absorb any shocks coming from the movement better.

Advanced safety measures

N700S is certainly a supreme model when it comes to its speed and the convenience it is offering to its passengers. Yet, it is also a way safer than all of the previous models of high-speed trains.

First of all, the automatic control as well as the braking system of the train have been upgraded. Due to these improvements the time needed for halting the train in emergency situations was shortened.

One of the most crucial details of the design of N700S is an innovative system of its lithium-ion battery which is based on the self-propulsion technology. Actually, a similar technology is used in the spacecraft and N700S is the first vehicle using it on the Erath. The self-propulsion system allow the train to keep on moving for a particular distance without any external source of power. The practical usage of such a technology is extremely crucial particularly for such countries as Japan which are rather prone to natural cataclysms. Due to this technology, it will possible to move the train to a safer location for example during an earthquake.

For the safety of its passengers, a larger number of cameras was also installed inside the car compartments. Now, each of them has even six cameras in each car.

The passenger capacity

The entire design of the trains has been improved up to such an extent that it was possible to save a lot of space especially in the area beneath the train floor. Due to this fact, it was possible to increase the number of cars from four ones to sixteen. As a result, the energy consumption is decreased during the time of the train’s speeding up. Needless to say, such a technology makes the train a more appealing option to the international companies.