The newest facts about the Windows 10 actualisation every user is waiting for

If you are prefer using Microsoft Windows and are waiting for the new actualisation of the system the release of which is scheduled for the October of 2021, there is great news for you! The improvements and functionality of the popular operating system will be thus advanced that the platform will be called Windows 11.

Android emulator for the Windows OS

If you are keeping a track of the news of the tech world, you might have already heard about the plans of the Microsoft corporation to create a literally new product on the basis of Windows 10 which will have absolutely amazing features. There are many gossips surrounding this topic, however, today we know for sure one of the features is going to be included into the new platform. This is a special emulator which will allow you to use the apps developed for Android with your Windows system!

If you are an active Android user, you are certainly aware of the rich world of applications which are constantly being released for this operating system. A large amount of games, educational programmes, useful tools and much more are available to the users of Android devices. Now, you will be able to benefit from such a variety of programmes while using your Windows platform.

Yet, so far we are aware of the Android emulator available for developers. In all likelihood, there will be one for Linux as well. Whether these functions will be available to regular users is still unknown. If you are waiting for more information about the plans of the Microsoft developers, you should not miss the presentation of the new generation of Windows which is scheduled for the 24th June of 2021. The team of developers is promising this operating system to be the most modern, innovative and open one which will be a perfect choice for developers and application design.

Other new features of Windows

So far. there has been information about the changes in the interface of the new operating system making it look more attractive and intuitive. For instance, the developers are planning to separate the programme menu from the taskbar. The current version of Windows is using the interface known as WinUI 3.

It was expected that the visual side of new Windows will have been developed by the middle of the June, thus, in all likelihood, the appearance of the new version of this operating system will be presented during the conference mentioned above.

The standard programmes included into Windows will also be upgraded, so you can expect changes in Mail, Calendar and Clock used on this platform.

The developers of Microsoft also promise to make the entire visual interface of their operating system particularly convenient so that it will help the users to use their personal computers in a more productive way.

On of the curious features added to the system is a special diagram presenting the energy consumption for laptop computers. With the help of this function you will be able to keep a track of the battery of your computer and optimise the energy consumption as you will see the statistics of the usage for different programmes.

On top of that, there is a new task manager developed for Window called Windows Central. This is a special window designed for depicting all the events and up-to-date information from your Windows account on the screen so as you will not miss anything important.

These are only some of the improvements new Windows will get.

Previously, the new update of Windows 10 was called Sun Valley, yet, with time it turned out to be a rather massive project. Actually, the developers promise it to be one of the largest actualisation of the system which has happened during the recent years, so it might even be regarded as a new version of the whole operating system. Today, the Microsoft team is referring to this brand-new product as Windows 11.